Projects implemented by Effective Energy Technologies GmbH

2017: CWS-production (WMM-gen.2) from mix of coal wastes and CWS combustion in a Vortex Burner. Used for drying oven, Ireland.

2016: CWS-production system based on WMM-gen2., Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2015: CWS production (WMM, gen2) and combustion system of the CWS from coal. Combustion is organized by customer, CWS-nozzle is used. Katowice, Poland

2014: installation and start of CWS combustion system of the CWS from pyro-carbon (carbon obtained after pyrolysis of tires)

2014: pre-project preparation for the replacement of oil for water-coke suspension of pet coke at the refinery in India. Conducted combustion tests.

2013: Effective Energy Technologies and Korea Trading Business Company launched the installed and started CWS fuel complex in the suburbs of the city of Suwon, Republic of Korea.

2013: installation of CWS production complex for Effective Energy Technologies GmbH, Vienna, Austria.

2011: supply of equipment for the homogenization for the Polytechnic University in Poland

2011: installation of CWS production complex, WMM, with productivity of 5 ton per hour for construction plant in Irkutsk region.

2010: installation and start of CWS production complex with productivity of 15 ton per hour based on 3 WMMs on chemical plant (Republic of Armenia).

2010: installation and start of CWS production complex WMM for CWS gasification installation in Biysk.

2009: pre-project work for assessment of the possibility of using CWS on the 3rd Unit of the Krasnoyarsk GRES-2 (WGC-6, now – WGC-2). Results of the work outlined in report of Gazpromenergoholding.

2009: complete of final testing of hydraulic wet grinding complex (WMM). Installed a demo stand.

2009: pre-design works on replacement of oil fuel on the CWS in Murmansk HPP (TGC-1). The results of the two sessions showcased at NTS TGC-1 in St. Petersburg.

2008: pre-work on possibility of combustion of sludge in the form of CWS on the 9th Unit Novocherkassk GRES (OGK-6, now – WGC-2).

2008: upgrade of 6.5-DKVR boilers and DE-25 on the use of CWS in Ensky. Combustion made on the boiler burning CWS DKVR-6,5-13.

2007: design of the detailed specification for boilers for burning CWS low power (up to 1 MW).

2007: installation and start of CWS combustion system in Ensky.

2007: sign of the strategic cooperation agreement with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Gidrotruboprovod”

2006: according to the agreement with the Government of the Murmansk region, EET raised funding for the implementation of CWS boiler room at the village Ensky Murmansk region

2006: purchase of the exclusive license to production and combustion of CWS at the NPP “Sibekotehnika.”  Despite the possession of the exclusive rights, EET currently uses its own solutions.

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