In 2013 EET GmbH has launched own demo facilities which include CWS production complex and complex for CWS combustion. Demo-complex is an essential part of the process of permanent improvements of production and combustion technologies. At the same time Demo-complex is used for technology presentation for EET’s customers.

At the moment CWS-production includes:

  • Wet Milling Machine for producing slurry
  • local storage of initial coal or other raw for CWS production
  • set of tanks and pumps to arrange different flow of water and slurry fuel.

CWS production is located in Stockerau, Heidwerkstraße 9, Austria

CWS-combustion complex includes a boiler mounted in a container and equipped with CWS-nozzles, dual-fuel burner, air-compressor, etc. CWS-combustion complex was located on the territory of Technical University Graz (TU Graz). All the measurements were conducted by specialists of TU Graz. At the moment boiler for CWS combustion is moved to Stockerau and will be starting combustion soon. If you are interested to see combustion you can contact us and we will advise you the place to visit and see CWS combustion process.

Our Facilities

Effective Energy Technologies GmbH (EET GmbH) was established in Vienna at 2010.

EET GmbH is an engineering company which specialized on implementing Coal Water Slurry (CWS) technology. Our company gathered the best international experience in production and use of CWS. A number of technological solutions have passed from the stage of research and development with the means of EET to the stage of commercial product. EET GmbH offers unique systems for efficient coal slurry production and combustion, applicable in new plants or converted plants.  Our equipment is highly modular, what significantly reduces the cost of implementing the technology on new and existing facilities, as well, possibly using the local resources as well. All of our equipment is produced under the CE Certification.

Our vision

Enough energy for the world, out of cheap (own) resources, save, affordable, environmental friendly

Our Mission

Supporting industries and power plants in generating energy in an economic, clean and secure way out of coal or carbon.

What we offer:

Production and supply of equipment

  • WMM (Wet Milling Machine) – highly efficient wet milling complex for CWS Production
  • Burners for CWS of high lifespan
  • Full range of equipment for CWS production and its combustion

Implementation Services

  • Pre-project preparation, engineering
  • Preparation of feasibility studies, fund raising
  • Supervision, project support

You can find our portfolio here.